Monday, December 26, 2011

Another Bratlie Christmas!

I had to work Christmas Eve until 4. So after work I headed to Lisbon. When I arrived it was GEORGIE, Jenna, Nick, Nathan, Bob & Robin. Then arrived Crystal, Baby, & Kyle and then Grandpa and Julie. Nathan went to town to pick up Grandma Joan. We enjoyed a great dinner prepared by Bob and Robin. After that we opened gifts. Everyone got some good stuff. My favorite gift was my "I am Tpain" microphone. It's pretty much awesome - I didn't rap into it at all but Kyle did. We were up pretty late like midnight or so. The next day Nathan and I slept in pretty late. We didn't get up till 11:30. They were having Christmas dinner at 1:30. There were a bunch of relatives there. Food was good again! I ate and ate and ate. Everyone was gone around 6. The Packers played the Bears so we were watching the game. Nathan was drinking too many PBRs and was falling asleep at the table. So we went to bed around 9. I finished watching the game. PACKERS won .. again. Christmas was good ... very thankful to have those Bratlies in my life!!

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