Friday, December 9, 2011

National Guard Christmas Party

Last weekend was Nathan's National Guard Christmas Party --- Friday when we go to Lisbon we stopped at Mandy and Codys. The boys were there and were so big and cute, I hadn't seem them in forver! We stayed for a while and then went back to Bob and Robins and went to bed and then Saturday the party started at 12:30. The Steakout catered food to the armory. That was good. They had sumo wrestling tournement - Nathan and Rambow had to go against each other....that was funny - but Nathan lost! They also had a hold em tournement and a blow up thing for the kids. After that we drank some beers at the armory and then went to the Cattlemens I got pretty drunk and ended up having Robin come pick us up from the bar pretty early, but Nathan had to be at drill at 8 am the next morning anyways ... Robbie, Russel, and Trent were there - they are fun and then all of the guard guys of course - and gals! ... Here's some pics!

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