Monday, December 26, 2011


My little sister graduated college last weekend. She's all grown up now. She wants to  move to Houston by March if not earlier. I met my parents at my sisters apartment Friday afternoon. We did some shopping and then met a bunch of people out at Whiskey's that night for some drinks and food. That was fun and we were hope pretty early. Graduation was at 9:30 sat morning. I drove there early with Sissy to find out where she had to go and what not. I then waited for the rents and friends. We sat by Rod cause Cody was graduating too. After graduation we went to Cody and Al's apartment for some snacks and drinks. Everyone eventually made it over. My dad wanted to see Trevor so my mom and dad and Erin and I went over to his place and hung out for a bit. Then we went to see Amber's house in Spring Valley - so Jami, Alysha, Sis, Erin and I traveled over there - stopped for the Cheese Curds at Cady Cheese first - DELICIOUS. Amber's house was super cute and it was nice visiting with her. We then went back to Cody's and drank some beers before we headed to the bars. It was fun going out in Menomonie again. Sissy Jami and I were back at the apartment pretty early ordered some Jeff and Jims. SO GOOD. I woke up the next morning with people all around me - I was on the floor with my jacket and boots still. Must have been a good night. We went out to eat at Perkins Sun morning and I finally got on the road back home around 11. It was a nice weekend with family and friends since I had to work Christmas weekend I couldn't make it back. Here are some pictures:

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