Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michelle & Lance

Don't worry everyone I did indeed have two weddings two weekends in a row. For Michelle and Lance's wedding Erin and I decided to go to Eau Claire the Friday before the wedding to go out with my sister. Erin and I met in Baldwin and drove to Eau Claire together. We met at Sissy's apartment with Ciara, Jill, Sissy, Asia, Amber J, Amber T, Julia, Alysha and Becker. We got a cab down to water and met up with Allison, James, Dylan, Joey, Gene and I'm sure more best friends. I started with beer and then switched to Long Islands. It was a black out express night. I even puked the next morning and that NEVER happens. But all in all it was a good night. Erin let me sleep in till about noon and then we met Sam, Rian, and Layla at the mall and then TJ Maxx. After that we were running behind so we didn't stop at Amber's house. We headed straight to Baldwin to check into our hotel and get ready. We got ready and were early for the reception so we hit up a bar in town. After a drink there we were ready for the reception. We ran into Keith, Connie, Megan and Billy, and then met some of Lance's cousins and other relatives. It was a fun night. The food was good (duh) and the beer was even better (free). Michelle looked great! We danced the night away and then took off to the bar we had stopped at prior that day. It was hoppin with a band. We might have got into a little "scuffle" so we left the bar and got some food and came back to the hotel. We all crashed right away and woke up the next day and got continental breakfast. Then our adventure continues. We went to Woodbury and met up with my long lost BFF Angie. We did some shopping and went out to eat. It was nice catching up with her. Then I had a long drive back to Horace. It seemed like it took FOREVER. But I made it back in one piece. I have had enough traveling for a while.

Sissy & Amber
Ciara & I

Love the group pic!


Our bride Michelle!

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