Friday, November 18, 2011


So, Nathan has never really looked at my blog ever. He just doesn't really get into things like facebook or blogging. I told him the other night that I had updated my blog and so he should check it out. I asked him the next day if he looked at my blog and he's like ya I read the whole thing and there really isn't much about me in there. I realized that he hasn't really been in any of my activities lately so he hasn't really "made" my blog yet. I figured he deserved a post to himself. So here it goes. I met Nathan back in  June 2010. It was my birthday weekend and I was black out drunk at Freddies in Bismarck. He just happened to be drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon as his drink of choice, for some reason that turned me on. I ended up going with him and his friends back to his friends house and drinking some more, ended up putting on a hart hat. Obviously it was a very good first impression. I was also wearing a dress so clearly a hard hat just adds to the picture. I woke up the next morning and wasn't even really sure of the guy I was laying next to's name. (Nathan) He was a sweet heart though. We woke up and neither of us had a vehicle where we were. Both of our vehicles were at separate bars. Also my phone was dead so I had to call people who's numbers I knew, like my mom and sister. Finally got through to my Bismarck friends. Eventually called a taxi that came and got us from Bob's house, brought me to my car at the Main Bar. Drove to my apartment, changed my clothes. Brought Nathan to his truck at Freddies. He asked for my number and gave me a kiss. This was out of the ordinary for me. But I liked it. We texted and talked for a couple weeks. Nothing serious. Floozy and I then made our way to Lisbon one weekend to hang out with Nathan and his friends. It was fun, but ended shortly. Nathan and I continued our texts and phone calls for a while. He came to Bismarck, we went camping in Beaulah Bay, I went to Lisbon, and etc. Eventually he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I accepted. I really think he just wanted a date to his brother's wedding. But he might have got more than he was hoping for. He treated me like I was a princess, which is nothing like I have ever had before. We got along great and did long distance for over a year. We rarely ever had a fight, actually still to this day I wouldn't say we have ever fought (sp). He doesn't care about much and neither do I. We do our own thing. He works nights, I works days. I like to clean and cook and he doesn't. He helps me out a lot though. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend/best friend/roommate.We eventually moved in together in a house near Fargo. We have a great land lord & yard, and actually Nathan's friend moved in with us too. We also have two dogs. I never was a big fan of boyfriends or guys and girls who change everything to be with each other. I never understood how a guy could be any better than your friends because to me friends are my life. BUT that was until I met a guy who has treated me better than anybody else ever has and would do anything to make me happy and cares about me more than himself. I love you Nathan!

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  1. LOVE THIS :) You two are great for each other!