Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mike & Andrea

I am a little behind on my blogs. Sorry everyone! It's going on 3 weekends ago now I went to my friend's wedding. Mike and Andrea got married in Minot. I met my friend Steph there and we got ready and went to the wedding together. Her boyfriend, Chris, was in the wedding so I was her date! The wedding was about an hour long and it was a nice Catholic wedding. After the wedding we went to the mall because we had some down time before the dinner/reception started. After the mall we went back to the hotel room and freshened up. The wedding party had just arrived as well. The reception was very nice and pretty. The dinner was awesome (obviously my favorite part of any wedding). They had a slide show which was very cute. They had a free keg of beer (which is my other favorite part of any wedding). There were quite a few people there most of them I didn't know. I knew Steph, Chris, Cory, and Mike of course. I had met Andrea several times prior to this as well. The dance was fun they had a lot of good songs. I think "Thriller" was my favorite of the night. We were all up early that day so we went back to the room around midnight. I bunked with Steph and Chris and got up early the next morning so I could come back to Horace and get some things done around the house. There will be pictures up soon from the wedding!

The beautiful reception

Steph & Chris

Steph & T-pain

LUDAchris & TPain

Bride & Groom

Super Cute!


Old Menards Crew

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