Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Veteran's Day

So my good friends Floozy and BranDee came to visit from Bismarck. They got here Thursday night and we met at the Horace bar for a couple. Nathan got off work early so he came and had a couple too. We didn't stay up too late Thurs cause we knew we had a big day of shopping ahead of us on Friday. Friday was Veteran's day so there were so many good deals going on. I got all of my Christmas shopping done! I also bought some new clothes and some decorations for the house. We went and ate at a place called Grand Junction which was very good. We were sick of shopping so we went home and started to get ready for our night out. Brady and Jen stopped over and so did Josh. After we were ready we started at Ground Round because Finger was working. Fill met us there. After Ground Round we went to Bucks. Buffy from the deli met us here too.
And after Bucks we went and ended at the Hub. I met up with my friend Monica who I used to work with at Fleet Farm in Menomonie.
We bounced around from bar to bar. At the end of the night we got a cab back to Horace. Ended the night with watching Super Bad and making pizzas. The next day was our party day at our house. Nathan and Josh got a keg and the land lord said we could use their fire pit. We also made some burgers, pasta salad, meat and cheese tray, and chips. We had a decent amount of people show up. BranDee and Floozy even did their first keg stands! It was a fun  night and a fun weekend catching up with the girls.

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