Monday, October 17, 2011

Mid October

So last weekend was my first weekend workin at the Deli. I worked Fri night 4-9. The time just flies. It doens't even seem like I am there for like an hour. After I got done with work I met Jen and Brady out at Bucks. They were playing pool and getting their drink on. I only stayed till about midnight then I hit the road, I hit up WalMart on my way home to pick up some things I needed. I got home and went to bed. Nathan got home around 4 AM from work and slept for a couple hours then got up at the crack of dawn to go pheasant hunting. I didn't set my alarm cause I didn't have to work till 12. Well I ended up sleeping in till 10 AM. That never happens! I went to work from 12-6 (first time working a day shift) I met 2 people that I have never worked with before. They were nice. Once I was done with work I went to Lisbon to hang out with the Bratlies. Bob, Robin, Nathan, and I met Kyle and Crystal out at the Steak Out for supper. It was nice to see all of them again. We had some really nice dinner conversations. Once we got home we were all ready for bed, I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 8:30 the next morning and took off back to Horace - Nathan had already left for hunting. Once I got to Horce I started baking some Smore recipe that I wanted to bring to Erin's party but Nathan already ate most of them! ... Once I made a batch of them I got ready for work. I worked 12:30 - 9. It was a slow day. We had everything done by 8 but had to stay till 9. Longest hour of my life. But once I got home Nathan had some pheasant frying up. It was great. OH...and we have a new roommate. Nathan's friend John moved in with us so last night was the first night we all hung out together. I stayed up till about 11 so I am feeling tired today! Tonight I have to go to Department Training at the Hornbacher's close to my work from 5:30 - 7. I'll definately be ready for bed by 8 tonight!

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