Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Ok so most of you know that I don't care what I look like and don't care what I do with my hair. I always say that I want long hair because all the hot celebrities have long hair like Kim and Kloe, my girls, but there's a difference between  us, I don't have someone to do my hair every day so I usually just throw it up in a  pony tail or a messy bun ... sometimes brushed, sometimes not brushed, sometimes washed, sometimes no wash. I work in an office where I onlyl see my co-workers and then also work in a deli where I wear a hair net. BUT I think I want to cut my hair short, just like shoulder length. And also I haven't colored my hair in a LONG time so half my head is new growth and half is the colored part. So I think i want to color it too. My friend Kristin said that I can't just do one color so I'm thinking some highlights or low lights - just a couple though. Here are two pics that I like so far:

I'm not trying to look like Ashlee Simpson, but I do like these two styles ... I think this might be easy enough to just blow dry in the morning and will look good ... I'll post pics if I actually go though with this ... Hopefully next week!!!

  This is the new cut! ... This was before a wedding so it was actually done up good!
Here is another model pose ... LOL ... but ya you can tell it's shorter.

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