Monday, October 3, 2011

Dad's Birthday Party (age 49)

So Nathan and I went to my Dad's birthday party this past weekend. We didn't do too much on Friday just hung out with my mom and dad and aunt fawn and then my sister and cousins James and Stephen showed up. We drank some beers (some more than others - Nathan and my dad were pretty tipsy). Then Saturday Jami showed up bright and early and we went to town to shower. We started drinking bloody mary's pretty early and it was all up-hill from there! The guests that showed up were: Grandma and Grandpa Lane, Aunt Barb and Uncle Rez, neighbor Terri and Donnie, Karen and Jerry, Jenny and James, Michelle, Amber, Kristin, Jami, Pat, cousins Aarin, Gabby, Jack, and Belle, it was fun - and then us "kids" went into town to the bar and met up with Erin and Chad and Sam - It was blurry after a little bit - all I know is that is was a good time and I ended up moooning almost everyone there ... and woke up and had no idea how I got home ... that's what a call a good night!! Love my friends and family can't wait till next year it's gonna be my Dad's big 5-0 !!!

 My Sissy and I !!
 Stoneberg and Sissy
 Stoneberg, Sissy, Stephan, and James
 Corey, Jami, and Sissy
 Sissy in the outhouse
 Terri and Sissy
 Belle's creepy doll
 Erin and I
 Me, Michelle, Sam, and Erin
 Nathan and I
Duke sleeping silly on the way home

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