Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oktoberfest Fargo 2011

So my friend Erika came to Fargo this past weekend so we could participate in the Oktoberfest Pub Crawl. She came down Friday night and we went and ate at Old Chicago and just took it easy. Nathan was out of town hunting so we just came home after eating and put in a movie and I think we both fell asleep right away. We woke up the next morning and got ready for the Pub Crawl. It started at 11 but we wanted to get there early of course so we left the house around 10:15 AM. We starting off drinking coffee with some Irish Creme mixed in. We got to the first bar which was called the Pickled Parrot and they were having a bean bag tournement which we wanted to enter. We were early and the bar didn't open until 11 so we waited around with some others until they opened the doors. Once we got in it looked like they were running a little behind and didn't have the tourney ready so we just sat inside and drank a beer. We met a best friend named John who just got back from his second tour overseas. He was a nice guy and was doing the pub crawl by himself so I'm sure he appreciated our friendship.

These were the sweet trophys that you won if you won the tournement. After a bit of sitting in the bar we took our drins outside to check out the set up. They were almost ready to start the tourney. It was $5 bucks a person and whoever won got the trophys and all the money. We for sure thought we had it. Our first and last team we played were a couple by the names of Megan and Danon (like the yogurt) and we lost of first game. I was no good at all - Erika actually had some skill. Then we played again because it was whoever won 2 out of 3 games won. The second game went a little better for us it was neck in neck all the way till the end and they had 19 and we had 18 and they came and took it all from us. So that was it for the touney. But we figured it just wasn't meant to be and we moved on to the next bar.
This is how awesome we looked throughout the day/night. We sported Grandmas wristlets. I got the nick name Cindy Lauper because of them, I took it as a compliment. After the Pickled Parrot we decided that it might be best to just get one beer at each bar and then just pour half in each others glasses. This strategy worked out pretty good. I spent less money and stayed up longer than I normally would have. The next bar we stopped at was Dempsey's. This is where we first met some of our friends - Juicer is the only name we can remember, they were the ones that started the Cindy Lauper name.

This is a peice of art work that was in Dempsey's - I thought it was neat to have a naked chic hanging on the bar wall.
Our next stop was Empire Liquors - We met several besties here - I liked this bar it was more of a dive but of course that's what I love!
These two gals were aweome - the one was wearing a Spam Tshirt so that's why I wanted a pic - we ran into them at another bar and she referred to us as riff raff.

How could we pass up a picture with this love muscle - his Tshirt and mustache say it all.

Obviously dogs are allowed in bars - that's normal right especially belly up at the bar!

Our next stop was Side Street. This was a nice bar too they had a patio area so we sat outside - didn't meet any best friends so we didn't stay there too long. Then it was Rooters or Sports bar ... we didn't even have a drink there we just had them sign our passports because we were getting hungry so we moved on to Rhombus Guys which is a pizza place/bar. Right as we were walking in our friends from Dempsey's showed up and were like you guys are getting a table for 6 so we can sit too, right? We said yup and got a big table for all of us. This place was neat too they had all the tables covered in a huge piece of white back and crayons so we drew some pretty pics and an exit strategy because we wanted to take a Leinenkugel's snowboard that was hanging on the wall.

I drew a beer mug.
 Our last stop was the OB. We got a medal for finishing the Pub Crawl. By this time I was a little tipsy. Our friend Jen met us after a little while and then Erika's brother and fiance came and then a little while later Nathan's friend Josh showed up. After we chilled there for a while we went to Buffalo Wild Wings - things get a little blurry from here! After BWW we went to WOW the bar Erika won some money playing black jack. Then we went to Big D's where my favorite band Betty Does was playing! I got to hang out and smoke cigarettes with the lead singer, NBD!!!
Love this pic.

Not sure what I was doing but it looks fun.
 We love each other.
Just the lead singer of Betty Does...
Erika's brother Logan and his fiance Stacy and us!!
We made it home by we put in a good 12 hour day of drinking and are still up and running today! Another successful weekend!

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