Thursday, October 27, 2011

Erin's Bash

Last weekend was Erin and Chad's house warming party in Northwood, Iowa. I took off work last Friday at 11 so I could get there at a decent hour. The drive was long but it went pretty fast it took about 5 1/2 hours and I was by myself so I had to entertain myself, my singing skills are great so that helped. I got there around 4:30 and right away we had lots of stuff to get done. Pat and Beatle were already there when I arrived. We went to the grocery store first to get some supplies for dried beef roll ups and popcicle sticks for carmel apples. Well Erin didn't grab enough money so we sat at the check out and waited for Chad to bring us some more money - the total was like 12 or something. So that was fun. Kyle and Matt showed up next and they tried making carmel popcorn while I did roll ups. Sam and Michelle were the next to arrive and by then we were done preparing and were just drinking outside. Jenny and James showed up a little later. It was a fun night to just talk and B.S. with everyone since we all don't get together that much. Saturday morning came fast though and we had a lot to do. Keith showed up in the afternoon as well which was awesome. We had people cooking, cleaning, decorating, and etc all morning till about 2, when the party was supposed to start. Erin didn't inform anyone that around 50 people were coming and that we got a party bus. They also got a keg. The day/night was fun we drank, ate, played yard games, and drank some more until the party bus got there at 9. Then we headed to the bar in town had a couple drinks and then we went to the casino. I won $25 playing blackjack and Michelle won about $100 on the penny machine -not sure how anyone else did. Sam, Keith, and I almost got kicked out of the casino - I guess you can't take photos in there, OOPS! Erin and Kylie got Burger King which was awesome. We ended up coming back to Erin's house around 1 which was late enough for me. Sam and I went to bed right away and then Sunday morning came. It wasn't bad driving to the cities because Sam and Michelle were with me (well in separate cars but right next to me). But from the cities back to Fargo was rough. I thought I was never going to get home. But when I did I rented some movies and Nathan and I got to spend some time together, which was nice because it's rare with our schedules. This coming weekend I will make my way to Minot for a wedding! Pictures will be posted soon!

Alec with the chainsaw I bought him for his birthday.

Michelle, Sam, and I

Beatle and Kylie
Matt, Keith, & James

Sam showing off her caramel apples.

Keith, Michelle, & Sam

Bronson with the toy I bought
Dinner is served

Michelle and Erin playing bags
Myself, Sam, & Keith
Samantha Rae & Amanda Rae
Sam, Erin, & Jenny
Chad & Erin
On the party bus!

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